Launch of blind cord strategy


The ACT will participate in a national strategy to raise awareness of the threat to infants and young children of loose blind and curtain cords and chains. Kidsafe ACT and the
Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) will work together on a number of strategies which follow renewed concern after the recent deaths of two infants.

Mr Eric Chalmers, CEO of Kidsafe ACT and Ms Danielle Krajina, Executive Director, Office of Regulatory Services, will formally launch the ACT Blind Cord Strategy at Kippax Uniting
Community Care on Wednesday 9 December.

“Our message is straightforward - loose blind and curtain cords can kill. Fix them out of reach so kids are out of danger,” they said.

“Despite mandatory safety standards for blind and curtain cords across Australia, tragedies continue to occur; some as recent as August and October this year when two Victorian children died after becoming tangled in loose cords. Consumers and retailers need to be reminded of the dangers of blind and curtain cords and the steps they can take to keep Australian children safe, they said.

The ACT strategy includes:

  • An inspection program by ORS - Fair Trading to commence in January to ensure that retailers are complying with the mandatory standards.
  • A kit produced by ORS for parents and carers which includes a cord holder to fix to the cords of existing blinds. The kits will be available through Kidsafe ACT.
  • A television commercial produced by Kidsafe ACT.

“We are also writing to real estate agencies, property managers and tenants inviting them to take the initiative and take steps to prevent further injury or death. Fixing blinds cords should not be regarded as an alteration but as essential to saving lives,” they said.

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