Make sure your holiday doesn’t turn to tragedy


Take a little time to ensure your holiday accommodation is safe for you and your children is the message from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) these Christmas holidays.

The OFT has developed a brochure outlining some of the top safety issues you should consider when booking your holiday accommodation.

Minister for Fair Trading Peter Lawlor said a holiday was a relaxing and fun time for families, but parents should not drop their guard when it came to safety.

“Ensuring bunk beds are not dangerous, that blind cords are out of reach of children and that the hot water system is set to a safe temperature are all issues parents should consider when booking holiday accommodation and on arrival,” Mr Lawlor said.

“These key safety reminders could mean the difference between having a great holiday and having a holiday which ends in tragedy,” Mr Lawlor said.

“Every day parents make sure their homes are safe for their children.

“They should think about the same safety issues while they are away on holiday.”

The seven tips that consumers need to consider prior to booking accommodation and as soon as they arrive are:

  • Tip 1: Does the accommodation have bunk beds? If there are bunk beds, are they fitted with a guardrail around all four sides of the top bunk? Even better, avoid bunk beds altogether as they are unsafe at any age.
  • Tip 2: Are you hiring a portable cot? If you are hiring a cot, does it meet Australian safety standards? There are strict laws for the safety of portable cots.
  • Tip 3: Are there any blind cords at the holiday accommodation? Make sure blind cords are out of reach of small children.
  • Tip 4: Is there a hot water tempering device in the bathroom? Tempering devices make sure the hot water does not exceed 50 degrees Celsius and avoids the risk of scalding.
  • Tip 5: Is there a spa? Never leave children alone in a spa and always ensure children do not submerge their heads as hair can become tangled in the filter. Children also need constant supervision around pool areas.
  • Tip 6: Don’t allow children to climb on the furniture on the balcony. Keep the balcony furniture away from the edge.
  • Tip 7: Don’t allow children to climb on the furniture, especially in unfamiliar surroundings, as it may topple over.

Mr Lawlor said safety brochures highlighting these seven safety tips had been distributed to all tourist information offices in Queensland. They are also available at

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