New laws for miniature motorbikes


New safety requirements for miniature motorbikes will strengthen consumer protection for young riders. The Minister for Housing and Assistant Treasurer the Hon Michael Sukkar has accepted advice from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to improve the safety of miniature motorbikes with a new safety standard.

Miniature motorbikes are often copies of popular road motorcycle such as grand prix race bikes or ‘chopper’ motorbikes and are about half the size of a full size motorcycle. They might look like a toy but are capable of high speeds that can pose risks to children unless riders follow proper safety precautions.

Between 2005 and 2016 there were 14 deaths in Australia involving miniature motorcycles.

The new law maintains all of the existing requirements to prevent the supply of unsafe products, and also requires:

  • miniature motorbikes to carry a warning statement to guide children, parents and carers about their safe use, including that children should always be supervised
  • requires miniature motorbikes to be fitted with a speed limiting device so that young or inexperienced riders can develop their skills before riding at higher speeds and
  • regulates high speed electric-powered miniature motorbikes.

The safety standard excludes:

  • vehicles with a maximum speed of 30 kilometres per hour or less, including toys, e‑bicycles and e-scooters
  • smaller motorbikes which are eligible to be registered for road use, and
  • smaller off-road minibikes designed and intended for use by children as a learner or introductory minibike.

Suppliers will have a transition period of 12 months to implement the new requirements.

Further information on the new standard can be accessed at the Standards page.