Non-compliant bunks and toys removed from market


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has accepted court enforceable undertakings from Australian Discount Retail (Trading) Pty Ltd regarding the supply of two models of bunk beds and a military toy set called the Special Mission Combat Force Military Play Set. 

The ACCC was concerned the bunk beds failed to comply with a number of the requirements of the prescribed consumer product safety standard for bunk beds.

The bunk beds were supplied by ADRT, trading as The Warehouse - Where Everyone Gets a Bargain. One model was supplied from December 2006 until September 2007 and the other in September 2007 only. Both models of bunks were of a tubular metal construction and similar in design.   

The ACCC was particularly concerned the height of the bunk bed corner posts may pose a potential clothing snagging and choking hazard.

The ACCC was also concerned that the toy set was supplied in breach of a banning order and contained lead exceeding the acceptable lead migration levels prescribed in the banning order.

The toy set was sold through ADRT's retail outlets, The Warehouse – Where Everyone Gets a Bargain, Go-Lo Discount Stores, Makro Warehouse and Crazy Clark's between May and September 2007.

ADRT immediately ceased supplying the bunk beds and toy set when contacted by the ACCC and conducted a prompt national consumer recall of all relevant products.  The ACCC acknowledges ADRT's co operation in resolving this matter.

In providing the ACCC with the undertaking ADRT will:

  • ensure that goods it supplies that are subject to a prescribed consumer product safety or information standard comply with the relevant standard
  • maintain effective product safety recall procedures
  • maintain up to date copies of all relevant consumer product safety standards and information standards prescribed under the Trade Practices Act 1974, and
  • implement a corporate compliance program with an emphasis on product safety.

This action by the ACCC follows Federal Court orders obtained by consent against Hercules Iron Pty Ltd, which had also supplied non compliant bunk beds, in February this year.

It also follows acceptance by the ACCC of a court-enforceable undertaking from Captain Choppers Pty Ltd, trading as Red Dot Stores. Tests revealed some of the paint on a toy car supplied through Red Dot Stores contained an amount of lead exceeding that permitted by the banning order.

"All these actions indicate that the ACCC will not hesitate to act in matters of consumer safety, especially where children are placed at risk through non compliance with mandatory safety standards," ACCC Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel, said today.

"Products supplied into the Australian market must comply with all relevant legislation."

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