Novelty cigarette lighters banned


The Commissioner for Fair Trading, Mr Jon Quiggin, today announced that a range of novelty cigarette lighters shaped like toys such as frogs, hammers, cars and ducks will be banned from sale pending further investigations.

“The Attorney General, Simon Corbell, has signed an interim consumer product safety order prohibiting the supply of ‘novelty lighters’ in the ACT,” said Mr Quiggin.

“At this stage, an interim order has been issued to ban the sale of these lighters pending further inquiries by the Office of Regulatory Services, Fair Trading Inspectors.

“Of great concern is the appeal of these devices to young children. For example, the frog lighter looks like a toy, makes a frog sound and emits a green flame making it attractive to children – and potentially extremely dangerous.

“These novelty lighters create an unresolvable risk of fire, injury and death, given that children are likely to be attracted to these lighters and may believe them to be toys.

“While some of these products are also not labelled in accordance with the prescribed safety standard for cigarette lighters, the main concern is that it is unsafe to confuse a toy with an ignition device.

“I am aware that these products are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but am particularly concerned with those that look like toy chickens, pigs, frogs, cats and toy cars (some make sounds) and are similar to toys provided as gifts at fast food outlets, showgrounds and in chocolate eggs.

“The Office of Regulatory Services is currently consulting with traders in the ACT to ensure that these items are removed from sale, however, it is important for parents and carers of small children to be aware of the potential risks involved with these products.

“At the end of the day my major concern is the safety of consumers young and old and the fire hazards associated with any ignition source,” Mr Quiggin concluded.

The Interim Safety Order can be accessed from For more information on products covered by this order please contact the Office of Regulatory Services Advice and Complaints Unit 02 6207 0400 or

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