Products removed from sale in Christmas safety blitz


Yoyo balls, flotation toys and novelty cigarette lighters have been removed from sale in WA, during Consumer Protection WA’s annual Christmas product safety blitz.

Product Safety officers have so far visited 164 stores and looked at 6539 products in WA in a campaign to detect unsafe or banned items and take them off shop shelves.

They have inspected 1,200 toys for children under three, which may pose a choking or strangulation hazard, 273 flotation toys and 228 swimming aids. In addition to the toys inspected 745 candles and 868 candle-holders were also examined for flammability concerns.

It’s part of the national Christmas Toy Survey program, involving all state and territory consumer regulators and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. In total more than 71,000 toys have been removed from sale or recalled across Australia.

WA Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll said there had been only a small number of problem items on sale in WA, which is positive news.

“So far our product safety officers have found: 10 flotation toy product lines with incorrect warning labels, several liquid filled yoyo balls that did not comply with safety standards and some toy-like novelty lighters,” she said.

“All of the items have been removed from sale and in the case of the yoyo balls the trader was given a formal warning as part of the compliance blitz.”

The Commissioner urged parents to keep safety rules in mind when selecting toys for children this Christmas.

“Having a safe Christmas is at the top of most people’s lists. Making sure that you follow age recommendations and instructions on toys is so important but easy to forget in all the excitement.

“Small toys or toys with small removable parts including objects like jewellery, coins or batteries shouldn’t be given to a child under three. In families with children across various age groups it’s important to make sure toddlers do not get access to toys given to older siblings.

“When out shopping, pick sturdy well-made toys that will withstand biting, tugging and being thrown around. Also check for sharp edges or other injury risks.

“Don’t forget that aquatic toys and swimming aids are not life-saving devices and children should always be strictly supervised when using them.

“If you’re using candles as part of the festivities keep them away from flammable materials like wreaths and don’t put them on the Christmas tree.”

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