Proposed ban notices


On 14 July 2011, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, the Hon David Bradbury, MP, declared interim bans on babies’ dummies and dummy chains with decorations including crystals and beads and other similar ornaments. These bans were introduced with immediate effect.

It is now proposed to introduce permanent bans on certain babies’ dummies and certain dummy chains. Details of the consumer goods to be subject to the permanent bans are contained in the Draft Notices, which are included in the Proposed Ban Notices. The proposed permanent bans differ from the interim bans declared on 14 July 2011.

The ACCC is now inviting persons who supply, or propose to supply, consumer goods of a kind specified in the Draft Notices to notify the ACCC that the person wishes the ACCC to hold a conference in relation to the proposed imposition of the permanent bans.

A conference is a formal procedure intended to allow affected suppliers who disagree with the proposed ban an opportunity to present a case to the ACCC as to why the ban should not be imposed, or should be amended. It is not intended as an opportunity to provide clarification on the proposed bans.

Any person who wishes the ACCC to hold a conference must notify the ACCC in writing within 10 days commencing on the day after the proposed ban notices are published.

Contact details

To request a conference, seek clarification of the proposed bans or conference procedures, or if you are uncertain whether you wish to request a conference, please contact:

John Wunsch
t: 02 6243 1231


Nicole Greene
t: 02 6243 4966

Attached documents

Consumer Protection Notice 31 of 2011 - Babies' dummies s132 Notice ( PDF 151.85 KB )

Consumer Protection Notice 32 of 2011 - Babies' dummy chains s132 Notice ( PDF 176.25 KB )

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