Proposed minor amendment to the Tobacco Information Standard


The Assistant Treasurer today announced that the Commonwealth intends to make minor amendments to the Competition and Consumer (Tobacco) Information Standard 2011 to remove the obligation on retailers to rotate the health warnings on tobacco products.

“In implementing the proposed amendment, I am conscious of the need to ensure that the respective roles and responsibilities of those in the supply chain are made clear, while maintaining the policy intent of having a consistent public health message about the risks associated with tobacco use”, said Mr Bradbury.

 “This amendment would reinstate the position under the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Information Standards) (Tobacco) Regulations 2004 which placed the onus on the manufacturer and the importer to rotate the graphic health warnings.

“This amendment would reduce the unnecessary regulatory cost and administrative burden on retailers, including small businesses, when selling tobacco products, while ensuring that the policy objectives of the health warnings rotation policy are still met.

“In December 2011, the Government made the Tobacco Information Standard, which forms an important part of a comprehensive package of measures that have been introduced by this Government to target tobacco use and its harmful effects.”

“The Tobacco Information Standard was made under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 with the support of other State and Territory Ministers responsible for consumer affairs.  I have advised my colleagues of this change, and if no opposition is raised with me, I intend to progress this amendment as soon as possible.”

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