QLD: Staying safe this summer


Time to get out those swimmers, summer is almost here. With the hot weather already upon us the Queensland Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is reminding you to stay safe this summer.

Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer today highlighted important safety issues in the lead up to summer.

“Many families will turn to portable and inflatable pools to combat the heat due to their easy set-up and affordability. However, these pools can present the same if not greater drowning risks as deeper in-ground pools,” he said.

“As of March 2014, a new mandatory safety standard will be introduced for portable pools, requiring warning labels on retail packaging and the pool itself.

“The standard aims to increase awareness of State and Territory fencing laws that apply to pools with depths of 300 millimetres or more, the importance of actively supervising children and emptying water from inflatable children's pools.

“Remember drowning can occur quickly and quietly so always supervise children around any body of water.”

Balmy summer afternoons and evenings are ideal for outdoor parties in Queensland. However, the summer season brings a high fire risk so it is important to avoid using banned sky lanterns at events and parties.

Sky lanterns are miniature, unmanned hot air balloons that rely on an open flame to heat the air inside to lift into the atmosphere.

“A permanent ban on sky lanterns was declared on 1 February 2011 as they pose a risk of starting an uncontrolled fire if the open flame contacts combustible material,” Mr Bauer said.

“Consumers should avoid buying these products and traders should be aware of the ban before producing, importing or distributing these goods.”

Consumers should contact OFT if they see sky lanterns for sale anywhere in Queensland.

Summer also brings storm season, with many households and small businesses investing in portable generators during this time as a back up to electricity supply.

Mr Bauer said petrol driven electricity generators were handy in emergencies however they could result in carbon monoxide poisoning and death when used in confined spaces.

“You should never use a generator indoors, under the house, in crawl spaces, garages or sheds as deadly levels of carbon monoxide can quickly build up in these areas and can linger after the generator has been turned off,” he said.

“It is important to always use these generators outside and well away from any doors or windows.”

OFT wants to make sure Queenslanders continue to enjoy summer fun, but understand the dangers it can present and the steps you need to take to protect them. You can find information about the Consumer Goods (Portable Swimming Pools) Safety Standard 2013, banned sky lanterns and portable generators at www.productsafety.gov.au.

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