Safety alerts

10 Sep 2012

ACCC’s Product Safety Twitter account updated: new look and name

We’ve given our Product Safety Twitter account a brand new look.

29 May 2012

Queensland Fair Trading releases steps for safe viewing of astronomical events

This year two rare astronomical events will take place in Australia, the Transit of Venus and a total solar eclipse.

19 Dec 2011

Additional teeth whiteners containing unsafe levels of peroxide recalled

An additional five teeth whitening kits have been recalled due to unsafe levels of either hydrogen peroxide and/or carbamide peroxide.

The products are:

18 Oct 2011

Testing of foam play mats finds no safety risk to children

Recent testing of foam play mats and toys for the chemical formamide has found no evidence that these products present any risk to children.

7 Oct 2011

Warning notice to public issued in relation to Amber teething necklaces

Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, David Bradbury has issued a warning notice to the public in relation to amber teething necklaces.

24 Aug 2011

Is your music doing you damage?

Portable music players like iPods, mp3 & mp4 players can cause short-term hearing loss.

15 Jul 2011

Babies dummies and chains banned by Parliamentary Secretary to Treasurer

Babies dummies and chains with decorations (or 'bling') have been banned effective immediately following initial action taken by the NSW Fair Trading and a subsequent recommendation by the ACCC.

8 Jul 2011

Safety with sparklers

Sparklers are a popular novelty to use during birthday parties and other celebrations, however their danger can be underestimated. Adults and children have suffered severe burns from sparklers.

15 Jun 2011

Children's safety with drawstring clothing

Children have died or suffered serious injuries from entangling themselves on drawstrings on their clothing. But there are things you can do to keep your children safe.

30 May 2011

Online shopping: do the products you buy comply with Australian safety standards?

Shopping online can offer benefits such as increased choice and convenience, but you need to remain vigilant about product safety when buying products online.