Strengthening the safety of automotive maintenance products


Safety standards for everyday automotive maintenance products including motor vehicle recovery straps, portable ramps and vehicle support stands have been strengthened to protect the safety of consumers in Australia.

Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack said the new safety standard for these products will now require safety warning labels and improved instructions for safe use to clearly state death or serious injury could result if the products are not used properly.

"As Minister responsible for Consumer Affairs, my highest priority is for Australian consumers’ safety," Mr McCormack said.

"Around five Australians are killed each year from vehicles falling on them while performing maintenance underneath their vehicles and a further 43 are injured which means strengthening these safety standards is so important.

"These deaths have been linked to incorrect use of lifting and support products for instance using a trolley jack without vehicle support stands or using unstable and inappropriate alternatives such as bricks and wooden blocks."

Mr McCormack said suppliers will have a 24-month transition period to meet the requirements of the new product safety standard to account for product re-design and manufacture.

"The holiday period is a good time to catch up on the to-do-list of jobs and car maintenance will be on the list for many Australians and I want to ensure consumers are aware of the risks involved," Mr McCormack said.

"I encourage any person intending to do at-home car maintenance using any of these products to know the risks involved and take precautions to protect their safety when using these products.

"The safety of Australian consumers and their families is paramount, and by actively reviewing Product Safety Standards of everyday consumer goods, the Coalition Government is keeping Australian consumers and their families safe."

Further information on the new standard can be accessed on this site.

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