Toys not even fit for children on Santa's naughty list


Pre-Christmas safety testing has uncovered 21 toys or gift items that won’t make it to Santa’s sack this year.

Minister for Consumer Affairs Gail Gago says product safety officers have checked hundreds of items at 80 stores across South Australia to make sure that any hazardous items were removed from sale before the Christmas splurge.

“Hundreds of toys and gift items have been examined by officers from the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (OCBA), with 21 found to be unsafe,” says Ms Gago.

The unsafe items are: 

  • Three children’s folding chairs that can entrap fingers; 
  • A candle with flammable decorations; 
  • Three magnetic letters sets that release magnets when dropped, presenting a choking hazard; 
  • A children’s swimsuit with a flotation device that does not meet labelling requirements; 
  • Three pedal bikes with inadequate brakes, including one with no reflectors; 
  • Two monkey bikes with incorrect braking mechanisms; 
  • Items posing a choking or ingestion hazard due to small parts including: a baby dummy; four toy trucks; a musical sheep toy; a pull-toy with animals; and a toy bow and arrow set.

Thirteen traders have been asked to remove the offending items from sale. Those traders will receive warning letters and three repeat offenders have been sent expiation fines.
“It’s concerning that three stores previously warned for selling unsafe items have been found doing the wrong thing again,” says Ms Gago.

Under the Trade Standards Act 1979 it is an offence to manufacture or supply a banned or unsafe item, carrying a maximum penalty of $10,000. All non-compliant traders will be subject to follow up visits before Christmas to ensure they are in line with the requirements.

Consumers with concerns about product safety can contact OCBA’s product safety section on 8152 0732. For more information about the unsafe items visit the website at

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