Urgent safety alert on stacked stone tiles


The ACCC has become aware of the distribution and sale of decorative wall tiles containing Tremolite asbestos, which is a prohibited hazardous substance.

The tiles sold under the brand name ‘Snow White’, are described as bright white in colour, with a quartz like appearance, and are made up of a number of pieces glued together to give the appearance of stacked stone.

These tiles were imported from China, and most of the product has already been withdrawn.  However it is possible that some product has been installed or is still available on the market.

The ACCC is working closely with the Customs and Border Protection Service and Workcover authorities to identify any other sources of the product in the market and to have them withdrawn.

NSW Workcover offers the following advice to consumers:

  • Where tiles containing Tremolite asbestos or any other forms of asbestos bearing rock have been installed, the affected area is to be isolated until the material is removed by a licensed asbestos removalist and the area cleared by an occupational hygienist.
  • Where tiles are identified to contain Tremolite asbestos or any other forms of asbestos bearing rock, they are to be sealed using appropriate plastic or leak proof containers and disposed of as asbestos waste at an approved asbestos disposal facility.
  • More information and images are available at www.workcover.nsw.gov.au

Consumers who suspect they have tiles which could contain Tremolite asbestos, and tradespeople concerned that they have used the materials should contact the suppliers and/or their state Workcover authorities for further information.

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Release # NR 021/10

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