Baby bath aids

This mandatory standard applies to bath aids designed to support a baby while being bathed.

About baby bath aids

The mandatory standard was last updated on 27 October 2017.

Baby bath aids are intended to aid the support of a baby so that an adult’s hand may be free to bath the baby. They are typically used in adult sized baths. Designs vary and may come with, or be shaped into, baby bathtubs, or can be designed as chairs for use in the shower.

Baby bath aid designs include:

  • bath seats
  • cradles
  • hammocks
  • recliners
  • supports
  • flotation rings
  • supports that are accessories for, or integral to, a baby bathtub.

The mandatory standard prescribes requirements for a baby bath aid and its packaging to have a safety warning statement that is clearly visible and easy to read.

Mandatory standard

The Consumer Goods (Baby Bath Aids) Safety Standard 2017 sets out mandatory requirements for baby bath aids.

The mandatory standard is based on certain sections of the voluntary American Society for Testing and Materials Standard ASTM F1967‑13 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Infant Bath Seats. ASTM F1967‑13 is available from SAI Global.

Key requirements

The listed requirements aim to give suppliers a general idea of what is required by the mandatory standard. Suppliers must not rely on this information as a complete guide to compliance.

Safety warning statement

Baby bath aids must be permanently marked with a warning statement with the following words:

WARNING — Children have DROWNED while using bath aids. This is NOT a safety device. ALWAYS keep baby within arm’s reach. NEVER leave baby in care of children.

The warning statement must include:

  • The word WARNING must be in upper case letters and at least 10 mm high
  • The words DROWNED, NOT, ALWAYS AND NEVER must be in upper case letters and at least 5 mm high
  • The letters in lower case must be at least 2.5 mm high.

In addition, 2 safety alert symbols must be located immediately to the left and right of the words of the warning notice. The triangles must:

  • be equilateral (all sides with equal length)
  • have a base of at least 30 mm
  • have an exclamation mark inside it.

Below is an example ONLY of the safety warning statement. The safety warning statement must be in accordance with the requirements of the mandatory standard.

Warning statement must be:

  • fixed permanently onto the baby bath aid in accordance with requirements and tests based on the ASTM F1967 – 13
  • on the baby bath aid’s packaging, or visible from it
  • located on the baby bath aid in a conspicuous place
  • in a contrasting colour to the background on which it is provided and its packaging so that it is easy to read.

Permanent means the safety warning statement should remain legible for the life of the product and must not run, fade or be removable.

Safety warning statement on packaging

A safety warning statement on the baby bath aid’s packaging is not required if it is clearly legible through the packaging and the packaging is:

  • colourless and
  • transparent.

More information is available in the Explanatory Statement available on the Federal Register of Legislation website.

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