Consumer Goods (Button/Coin Batteries) Safety Standard

This mandatory standard defines the requirements for child-resistant packaging when supplying button/coin batteries. The requirements are based on their risk profile. This is to reduce the risk of death or serious injury to children as a result of accessing batteries directly from packaging.

This mandatory standard refers to national and international industry standards, which are available from SAI Global, the International Organization for Standardization and Standards Australia.

It's one of four mandatory standards that apply to button/coin batteries and goods that contain them.

Summary of requirements

Design and construction

Button/coin batteries must be supplied in child-resistant packaging that meets specified compliance tests. This means that the packaging limits a child’s ability to access the batteries. It is not necessarily child-proof.

Blister packaging is the standard form of packaging for button/coin batteries. However, this safety standard does not specify any particular form of packaging or container that must be used when supplying button/coin batteries.

When blister packaging is used, the packaging must be designed to only release one battery at a time.

Testing methods

This safety standard refers to compliance tests in existing industry standards. These must be performed on packaging or containers to demonstrate that the child-resistant packaging requirement has been met.

If a regulator asks, you must be able to demonstrate that you comply with the safety standard by:

  • nominating the set of compliance tests you used
  • providing the test reports you relied upon.


This mandatory standard does not apply to:

  • zinc-air button batteries intended for hearing aids
  • button/coin batteries supplied in bulk intended to be used in trades, professions or industries and which are not intended for sale to the general public.

Read the standard

You can read, download, or purchase a print copy of this standard at the Federal Register of Legislation website.

Consumer Goods (Button/Coin Batteries) Safety Standard 2020

Related standards

There are four mandatory standards that apply to button/coin batteries and goods that contain them.

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