Baby exercise jumpers

Babies can suffer head and limb injuries when using baby exercise jumpers that have not been properly secured or cannot support enough tension. Make sure you buy a baby exercise jumper that can be securely attached to a door frame and has strong, secure laces.

About baby exercise jumpers

A baby exercise jumper is a suspended sling style seat hanging from a spring and/or rubber cable that is clamped above a door frame. The baby bounces in the seat by pushing with their feet against the floor.

Risks and injuries

Babies using an exercise jumper can suffer:

  • limb and head injuries after falling if the laces snap under tension or if the baby is not securely strapped into the harness
  • injuries to fingers if they become trapped or pinched in the springs and chains on the jumper
  • delays in learning to walk if they repeatedly spend periods of 15 minutes or longer in the jumper.

Injuries have occurred when:

  • a baby has lurched sideways into the doorway frame, or has been pushed by another young child
  • the laces have snapped under the tension of a bouncing baby and caused them to fall.

Buying tips

  • Look for a strong independent frame or a secure device for attaching the jumper to a door frame, to ensure it won’t fall off while the baby is jumping.
  • Check that strong, secure laces are sewn into the crotch strap and threaded through the waist strap to avoid them snapping and causing the baby to fall.
  • Child safety experts do not recommend baby exercise jumpers,  stationary play centres are suggested as a safer alternative.

Safe use

  • Ensure the baby is securely fitted and strapped into the harness so the baby won’t fall out while jumping.
  • Only use exercise jumpers for short periods.
  • Always supervise jumper use to prevent falls, bumping into walls, the doorframe or other objects.
  • Check the laces regularly to ensure they are not worn and will not snap under the baby’s weight.
  • Cover exposed springs and chains to stop the baby’s fingers from being trapped or pinched.