Rocker chairs

Babies can suffer serious injuries if they fall from rocker chairs. Always buy rockers with a five-point restraint system and sturdy construction.

About rocker chairs

A rocker chair is a reclined seat for babies designed to make gentle rocking motions back and forth.

Risks and injuries

Most rocker chairs are safe when used appropriately, however serious injuries such as burns or strangulation can occur if rockers are placed too close to curtains, blinds, heaters, electrical sockets or appliances.

Serious injuries can occur if a baby falls from a rocker. Rockers should not be placed on high surfaces when in use or used to carry a baby around.

Buying tips

  • Make sure the rocker has a five-point restraint harness that goes over baby’s shoulders, round their waist and between their legs.
  • Look for a solid base that is wider and longer than the area where the baby lies to ensure it will not tip the baby over.
  • Look for rubber tips on the base to stop it ‘walking’ as the baby rocks. This will stop it moving towards hazardous objects or falling off an edge.

Safe use

  • Use the harness every time.
  • Never place a rocker on a table or other raised surfaces. Choose a safe, flat place on the floor away from any stairs.
  • Ensure that the rocker is away from potential hazards such as heaters, stoves and blind and curtain cords as they could cause injury or strangulation.
  • Stop using the rocker when the baby starts to roll as the baby may try to climb out of it and the rocker may no longer be comfortable for the baby.
  • Never carry a baby in a rocker.