Mini jelly cups containing konjac

Mini jelly cups containing konjac are a choking hazard and are banned from sale in Australia.

About mini jelly cups

Mini jelly cups are small jellies no more than 45mm high or wide, often sold in multi-packs. The jellies are designed for consumers to suck the jelly out of the cup.

About konjac

Konjac is a binding food additive that comes from the root of the konnyaku plant. Konjac is also known as:

  • glucomannan
  • conjac
  • konnyaku
  • konjonac
  • taro powder
  • yam flour.

Risks and injuries

Konjac does not dissolve easily when eaten, so if a jelly lodges in a person's throat, it can act as a plug that cuts off air supply.  People have died after choking on mini jelly cups containing konjac.

Buying tips

  • Jelly cups without konjac are available for sale in Australia, and are not dangerous. Check the ingredients labels when purchasing to ensure jelly cups do not contain konjac.