Reduced fire risk cigarettes

Reduced fire risk cigarettes can still cause significant injury or damage if they come in contact with combustible materials and start a fire. Dispose of your cigarette thoughtfully.

About reduced fire risk cigarettes

Reduced fire risk cigarettes are manufactured to slow down the rate at which the cigarette burns. They are likely to self-extinguish if the smoker does not draw on it. All cigarettes sold in Australia are required to meet a mandatory safety standard for reduced fire risk.

Risks and injuries

Cigarettes that fail to self-extinguish and are exposed to combustible materials such as clothing and furniture can cause deaths, serious injuries and significant destruction.

Safe use

  • Dispose of your cigarette thoughtfully, it could still be alight and cause a fire. Littering is against the law.
  • Avoid smoking while intoxicated. Domestic fires have been caused when the smoker falls asleep or passes out without extinguishing a cigarette.