Sports equipment

Trampolines pose a number of safety risks, particularly if not properly maintained. Make sure your trampoline is in good condition and features safety padding and a safety net.
Moveable soccer goals can cause serious injuries if not installed or anchored correctly. Make sure the goal is manufactured according to the relevant Australian Standard and that it's securely anchored during use.

People are at risk of serious injury when using a poorly-secured basketball ring for slam dunks. Always make sure your basketball ring is installed appropriately and carries the mandatory safety warnings.

Friction burns are a common risk when using a treadmill, including burns serious enough to require skin grafts. Make sure you buy a treadmill that features a safety stop switch and always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
Poorly constructed or older exercise bikes have the potential to cause serious injury. Make sure you buy an exercise bike with guards that cover moving parts such as the flywheel and drive chain.

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