Safety tips for buying furniture and TVs

Furniture and TV safety begins when you're deciding which product to purchase.

Buy safe for your family and visitors

Think about safety when you’re buying furniture and TVs, especially if you have young children in your home or who might visit.

Friends and family might not consider the risks if children only visit occasionally. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere and suddenly. Talk to your loved ones about making their homes safe too.

While some furniture may be designed with a focus on safety, lots of it is designed primarily for its looks and practical uses.

Safety tips

When you’re out shopping, use these tips to help you pick safer furniture.

  • Plan your purchase. Where will the furniture go? Will the furniture be placed in a location where it can be anchored to the wall? Check our tips for how to secure furniture.
  • Buy low-set furniture, or furniture with sturdy, stable and broad bases. It’s less likely to tip over.
  • Look for furniture that comes with safety information or equipment for anchoring it to the wall. If it doesn’t, you can buy anchoring kits separately. Ask a staff member if you need help to choose the right product for your home.
  • Test the furniture in the shop to make sure it’s stable. For example, you can pull out the top drawers of a chest of drawers and apply a little pressure to see how stable it is. Make sure the drawers do not fall out easily.