Deflated balloons can pose a choking hazard to young children. Make sure you dispose of deflated or broken balloons.

About balloons

Balloons are usually made from thin rubber and are commonly used at children’s parties as decorations.

Risks and injuries

Although not dangerous when in use, balloons become hazards when they are deflated, broken or have strings or cords tied to them.

Children can suffer:

  • choking or suffocation after placing a burst balloon or an entire deflated balloon in their mouths
  • strangulation after getting the string or cord tied to a balloon caught  around the neck.

Buying tips

  • If buying balloons for a child, consider their age and whether the items may pose a danger to them.

Safe use

  • Keep unused balloons out of reach of children and dispose of deflated and broken balloons.
  • Never tie a rubber balloon onto the side of a cot or pram or stroller.
  • Keep balloons out of reach of young children.
  • Dispose of any burst balloons to avoid children playing with pieces.
  • Ensure any strings attached to balloons are shorter than 22 cm so they cannot cause strangulation.

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