Erasers & fridge magnets shaped like food

Some erasers and refrigerator magnets come in shapes that look or smell like food, making them attractive to children who could mistake them for the real thing.

Risks and injuries

Erasers and refrigerator magnets that look like food are dangerous for children under three years old.  Children can:

  • choke after placing them in their mouths
  • suffer injuries from magnets that can splinter and lodge in the mouth or throat
  • suffer poisoning after chewing on or swallowing an eraser or magnet containing toxic material.

Buying tips

  • If buying these products for a child, consider their age and whether the items may pose a danger to them.

Safe use

  • To avoid choking or poisoning always keep magnets or erasers that resemble food out of reach from young children.
  • If you suspect a child has swallowed magnets or an eraser, seek urgent medical assistance.

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