Elastic luggage straps

Elastic luggage straps can cause serious injury if used incorrectly. Always buy straps that meet the mandatory safety standard.

About elastic luggage straps

Elastic luggage straps (also known as ‘occy straps’ or 'bungee cords') are straps or cords with a hook, buckle or other fastening device at each end. These products are designed for securing luggage and other objects.

Risks and injuries

Elastic luggage straps are potentially dangerous if misused.

The most commonly reported injuries from elastic luggage straps occur to the eyes. These injuries can happen in situations where the strap is stretched beyond its capacity, causing it to unhook and spring back at the user at high speed. To minimise this risk, there is a mandatory safety standard for these products in Australia.

Buying tips

  • Only purchase straps that carry the correct, permanent label. The label is a constant reminder to anyone using the strap that serious injuries can result from misuse.

Safe use

  • Avoid stretching elastic luggage straps too far as they can rebound and cause serious eye, facial and chest injuries.
  • Make sure hooks are firmly attached and the load is secured at each end.
  • Avoid releasing the straps suddenly
  • Consider using an alternative to elastic luggage straps, such as rope or tie down straps.

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