Miniature motorbikes

Miniature motorbikes resemble a motorcycle but scaled down to about half the size which cannot be registered for use on public roads. 

About miniature motorbikes

Miniature motorbikes (also known as monkey bikes, mini bikes or pocket bikes) are powered by an internal combustion engine or are electrically powered, and are capable of speeds of up to 80 km/h. They differ from battery operated ride-on toys, which are designed and intended for use by children.

Despite appearances, miniature motorbikes are not toys and can be dangerous for children if they do not use them safely. Young children may lack rider experience or sufficient cognitive development to operate these motorbikes at their maximum speed.

It is illegal to ride miniature motorbikes on public roads. They are for recreational purposes only.

Risks and injuries

Miniature motorbikes can cause serious injuries if they:

  • are ridden on public roads or at high speeds
  • are ridden without protective equipment
  • are misused or ridden by inexperienced riders
  • are ridden under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • have unstable structures and mechanical flaws
  • lack an emergency stopping device
  • lack effective brakes and steering
  • lack adequate footholds.

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