Air Met Scientific Pty Ltd—Quest Edge5 Noise Dosimeter

Identifying features

Air Met Scientific has sold affected noise dosimeters with the following serial numbers:
ESH110074, ESH110075, ESH110076, ESH110077, ESH110078, ESH110079, ESH110080, ESH110081, ESH110082, ESH110083, ESH110084, ESH110085, ESH110086, ESH110087, ESH110088, ESH110112, ESH110113, ESH110114, ESH110115, ESH110116, ESH120098, ESH120099, ESI010022, ESI010023, ESI010024, ESI010025, ESI010026, ESI010027, ESI010028, ESI010029, ESI010030, ESI010031, ESI010032, ESI010033, ESI010034, ESI010052, ESI020014, ESI020015.

What are the defects?

Quest Technologies have made a design change in the Edge5 Intrinsically Safe Noise Dosimeter in order to maintain compliance with the IECEX standard to which it is approved.
This design change was mandatory and the previous design version is no longer in compliance with the IECEX standard. Although the instruments were not decertified, by agreement with the certification agency Quest Technologies must replace all of the original design units now in the market.

What are the hazards?

Due to the units no longer being in compliance with the IECEX standard, there is a risk that they might be an ignition source in an area where flammable gases are present.

What should consumers do?

If your Edge5 dosimeter has a serial number that matches the list supplied, please return your dosimeters only (keep everything else) to:
Air Met Scientific Pty Ltd
7–11 Ceylon Street (PO BOX 133)
Vic 3131
Please mark the Carton EDGE RECALL – attn Kelvin Butcher.
If you did not purchase your Edge5 noise dosimeter from Air Met, please contact your supplier for further information.

Traders who sold this product

App-Tek (& their sub-distributors) may have sold units with serial numbers not listed here.

Where the product was sold

Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
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