Auspac Sources Pty Ltd—Multi-Purpose Adjustable Multiple Configuration Folding Step Ladder

Identifying features


What are the defects?

The ladder does not perform as claimed on the packaging and on the load rating label. Consumers may mistakenly rely on the claimed load rating to assess whether it is safe for them to use.

What are the hazards?

There is a chance of a fall injury if the ladder fails whilst in use.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should immediately stop using the ladder and return it to Crazysales as instructed. Customers will receive a full refund of the purchase price including shipping costs.

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Where the product was sold
Dates available for sale
  • 26 November 2011 - 19 November 2012

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
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