Haestrom LED Lighting Pty Ltd—Haestrom LED T8 LED Light Tube

Identifying features

• Haestrom LED T8 10W (T8102800 / T8103000 / T8104000 / T8104400 / T8105500)
• Haestrom LED T8 18W (T8182800 / T8183000 / T8184000 / T8184400 /T8185500)
• Haestrom LED T8 25W (T8252800 / T8253000 / T8254000 / T8254400 / T8255500)
• Haestrom LED T8 30W (T8302800 / T8303000 / T8304000 / T8304400 / T8305500)

What are the defects?

Affected products may not comply with the applicable Australian Standard AS/NZS 60598.2.1:1998. Specifically, the products may have incorrect internal wiring which is not double insulated and incorrect drivers. The result of this is possible direct exposure of the internal wiring to the conductible surfaces of the T8 tube.

What are the hazards?

These defects create the risk of electrical shock when contact is made with the aluminium heat sink, which runs the length of the tube behind the plastic lens covering. This defect is only evident when the T8 tube is operating.

What should consumers do?

Leave the product in situ until it is removed and replaced by a respresentative of the supplier. The supplier believes that the product will operate safely and that the defects pose no danger provided that the product is not touched or handled whilst in operation.

For further information contact Haestrom LED Lighting on (03) 9755 6488 or email sales@haestromlighting.com.au

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Responsible regulator

Energy Safe (VIC) is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Energy Safe (VIC)
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