Honda—ARX1200N2 / N3 / T2 / T3 Personal Water Craft

Identifying features

ARX1200N2 - 2005 - US-HPSD0002E405 - US-HPSD1411J405
ARX1200N2 - 2006 - US-HPSD0001L506 - US-HPSD0360L506
ARX1200T2 - 2003 - US-HPSC0038J103 - US-HPSC2017J103
ARX1200T2 - 2004 - US-HPSC0001F304 - US-HPSC4320B404
ARX1200T2 - 2005 - US-HPSC0002E405 - US-HPSC2703J405
ARX1200T2 - 2006 - US-HPSC0001J506 - US-HPSC0720L506
ARX1200T2 - 2007 - US-HPSC0001I607 - US-HPSC0360I607
ARX1200N3 - 2006 - US-HPSB0001G506 - US-HPSB3260F606
ARX1200N3 - 2007 - US-HPSB0001G607 - US-HPSB3240L707
ARX1200T3 - 2005 - US-HPSA0003J405 - US-HPSA2685E505
ARX1200T3 - 2006 - US-HPSA0001E506 - US-HPSA5418E606
ARX1200T3 - 2007 - US-HPSA0001E607 - US-HPSA4320I707

What are the defects?

Over time, the plastic fuel tanks on all ARX1200 personal water crafts can crack and leak fuel after having been exposed to chemicals commonly found in many aerosol sprays used to clean the engine and prevent oxidation of metal parts. Even a small amount of chemical exposure can lead to cracking over time.

What are the hazards?

Fuel leaks into the hull pose a risk of fire or explosion, which can lead to serious injury or death.

What should consumers do?

Honda has developed an improved fuel tank and mounting system that is now available to conduct the necessary recall repairs. Please contact your Honda dealer to schedule an appointment to have the recall repair completed free of charge. It is recommend that you plan to leave your ARX1200 with the dealer for at least three days to allow the dealer flexibility in scheduling.

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission