Honda—CR-V, Integra & Civic

Identifying features

VIN (Vehicle identification number)
2002 CR-V JHLRD78*02C200006 - C205708 *denotes (4/5/8). 2002 Integra JHMDC54302C200008-C201462. 2001 Civic 4DR JHMES16501S204172 - S205500. 2001 Civic 5DR JHMEU38301S023514-S203514, JHMEU38301S203520-S203520,JHMEU38*01S203531-S204474 *denotes (5/7/8).

What are the defects?

Throughout the manufacturing process of the ignition switch, the ignition switch interlock lever may have been contaminated with foreign matter. If the interlock lever is contaminated, the possibility of the ignition key being removed from the ignition switch when the selector lever is not in the Park position exists. As a result, there is a potential the vehicle may move without warning if the handbrake is not applied.

What are the hazards?

Vehicle malfunction

What should consumers do?

Owners of affected vehicles are being contacted by mail and are required to contact an authorised Honda Dealer to arrange for the ignition switch interlock to be inspected and/or repaired. This recall will be affected at no charge for parts or labour. For further inquiries please call Honda Australia on 1800 804 954, Monday to Friday between 8.30am - 5.30pm EST.

Honda Australia Pty Ltd
Where the product was sold

Responsible regulator

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications
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