Jaguar Land Rover Australia—Land Rover Defender Hub Bolts

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Campaign number: P053
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What are the defects?

Certain fixings used in the front and rear hub assemblies may have overly brittle bolts installed. Should brittle bolts be present, there is a risk they could fracture.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs, other bolt fixings may be damaged. In the case of the front brakes, the fixings could puncture the front brake disc. Wheel lock up or braking instability could significantly increase the risk of a crash.

What should consumers do?

Owners will be notified and instructed to take their vehicles to a Land Rover authorised repairer who will replace all of the specific bolts within the wheel hub assembly. This will be completed on both front and rear wheels. If damage is observed the dealer will replace all associated components.

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Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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