Masters Home Improvement—Olsent Powerboards 6 Outlets

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Identifying features

Model   LA‐026A  marked with electrical approval SAA111929EA
Model   PG‐6PB marked with the Regulatory Compliance Mark and supplier identification 5251

What are the defects?

The electrical contacts of the sockets are poorly aligned and the plastic enclosure does not meet the flammability requirements of the applicable standard.

What are the hazards?

There is a risk of overheating and fire.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should stop using the LA‐026A and PG‐6PB 6 outlet power boards and email or call 1300 767 969 for a full refund.

Traders who sold this product

This product was sold in Masters Home Improvement stores across Australia September 2011 to September 2014

Where the product was sold

Recall advertisements and supporting documentation

Responsible regulator

Energy and utilities unit (NSW) is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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