Michelin—XM28710/70 R42 173A8/173B Agriculture Tyres

Identifying features

The recalled tyres have the Dept of Transportation tyre identification numbers DOT 2708, 2808, 2908, 5108, 5208, 0109, 0209, 0309 and 0409. The DOT number can be found on the inner or outer sidewall of the tyre just above the wheel rim and are printed in small type.

What are the defects?

A limited number of tyres within the production range may present a risk of progressive loss of pressure after several months of use and could therefore affect user safety.

What are the hazards?


What should consumers do?

Owners can call Michelin on the Customer Service Line: 1800 800 538 (9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday) or return to their point of purchase for a free inspection and free replacement of tyres covered by the recall.

Michelin Australia Pty Limited
Where the product was sold

Recall advertisements and supporting documentation

Responsible regulator

Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities