Mitsubishi—Triton 4WD Double Cab 07/13 MY & Challenger 4WD 10/13 MY

Identifying features

2007 ~ 2013 MY Triton 4WD GLS/GLX-R Double Cab
MMAJNKB40AD001140 ~ MMAJNKB40DD005817
MMAJYKB40AD001333 ~ MMAJYKB40DD005290
MMAJNKB809D001409 ~ MMBJNKB808D092335
MMAJRKB809D000867 ~ MMBJRKB808D092190
MMBJRKB907D066283 ~ MMBJRKB908D081946
2010 ~ 2012 MY Challenger 4WD XLS Diesel Auto
MMAGYKH40AF000104 ~ MMAGYKH40DF000635

What are the defects?

After operating the power seats reclining lever, the lever may stick in the operating position, allowing continuous current flow to the reclining motor.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs, this may result in the motor, seat cushion and surrounding parts melting or in the worst case burning.

What should consumers do?

As a precaution prior to rectification, consumers should ensure the lever returns to the centre position after use and whenever exiting the vehicle.

All owners of affected vehicles have been contacted by mail sent to their last known address. Owners are requested to contact the nearest Mitsubishi authorised service dealer at their earliest convenience to make an appointment to have their vehicle rectified. If owners do not have the dealer's phone number, they can call 1300 1312 11, select option 2 and enter the post code of their dealer to be re-directed.

Owners who believe their vehicle is in the affected range and who have not received a letter by the 27th September 2013 or require further information regarding this recall should call the Mitsubishi Customer Assistance Centre on 1300 13 12 11 and select option 4, then select option 2.

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Responsible regulator

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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