Mobility Plus Wheelchairs — Malte, Malte-Outdoor and Marcy Walkers

Identifying features

See attached list of serial numbers

What are the defects?

The handle grip on Malte, Malte Outdoor and Marcy wallkers can fail if overloaded. The handle grip is the central connection between the handle itself and the base of the walker frame.

What are the hazards?

If the handle unexpectedly breaks, the user may fall and suffer an injury.

What should consumers do?

Walker users or their carers should contact the agent the product was originally purchased through to ensure the device is fixed.

Users are advised to maintain awareness of this anomaly and the weight placed on affected devices.

For more information, contact Mobility Plus on 03 9495 1955.

Mobility Plus Wheelchairs
Where the product was sold

Responsible regulator

Therapeutic Goods Administration is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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