Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty Ltd—Nissan T31 X-Trail and J10 Dualis vehicles—Steering Pinion Retainer

Identifying features

Campaign numbers:
R0906 for model T31 Petrol.
R090D for model T31 Diesel.
PG9AC for J10 vehicles.
Target number: 19,345.
VIN Range:
T31 Petrol. From JN1TANT31A0000010 to JN1TANT31A0014449.
T31 Diesel. From JN1TCNT31A0000002 to JN1TCNT31A0002486.
J10 2WD. From SJNFBAJ10A1428369 to SJNFBAJ10A1464524.
J10 4WD. From SJNFBNJ10A1008364 to SJNFBNJ10A1464541.

What are the defects?

A concern has been detected relating to the cover screw securing the pinion shaft of the steering gear to the gear housing which may loosen and cause noisy steering operation. In the worst case scenario the cover screw may eventually come out which would result in a loss of steering control.

What are the hazards?

Vehicle malfunction

What should consumers do?

Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty Ltd will write to owners of all affected vehicles at their last known address. Owners should contact any Nissan Dealer, to arrange for an inspection and rectification of their vehicle.

Nissan Motor Co (Australia) Pty Ltd
Where the product was sold

Responsible regulator

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Cities and Regional Development
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