Quebec Nominees Pty Ltd t/as Thingz Gifts — Potty Shooter Toilet Darts Game

Photograph of Potty Shooter Toilet Darts game packaging

What are the defects?

The product does not comply with the mandatory standard 'Consumer Goods (Projectile Toys) Safety Standard 2020.

The product does not have the warnings required for projectile toys.

Darts could cause injury if they contact the eye or the face.

What are the hazards?

User may not be aware of the hazard if the product is not correctly labelled.

The product has a plastic dart that may cause injury and the packaging does not have the required warnings.

What should consumers do?

Consumers should return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund.

For further information, contact Thingz Gifts by emailing

Where the product was sold
Western Australia
Dates available for sale
  • 1 August 2019 - 30 June 2020

Recall advertisements and supporting documentation

Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
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