Allfire Enterprises Pty Ltd—Triasulfuron Herbicide (55666)

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Product description

All pack sizes and batches.
Identifying features
Triasulfuron Herbicide (55666)

Other identifying numbers

Triasulfuron Herbicide (55666)

Reasons the product is recalled

The product contains a contaminate that is not listed in the registered formulation and may be an undue hazard to the safety of people exposed to it during its handling or to people using anything containing its residues.

What consumers should do

Any person handling the product must ensure that safety directions on the label are followed and that the container remains securely sealed at all times. Any person in possession of the product should immediately return it to the place of purchase.


Allfire Enterprises Pty Ltd

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Responsible regulator

Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority is the responsible regulator for this recall.