Alpak Trade Pty Ltd t/as Fremantle Water Beads — Water Expandable Polymer Balls (Water Beads)

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Product description

2-3mm water expandable polymer balls; also known as water beads. The beads expand when water is added, reaching 8mm in diameter. The balls are used for flower arranging, soil wetting and decoration. The beads are also used by children as a sensory toy.

When expanded, the lifespan of the balls is two years.

470 small packets sold
Water beads in vase

Reasons the product is recalled

If used as a sensory toy, the unexpanded balls may be swallowed. These balls may expand internally in the gut. Also, the expanded balls can be a choking hazard to children.

The hazards to consumers

If swallowed, the balls can lead to internal injuries and even death. The balls may pose a choking hazard to young children.

What consumers should do

Consumers who purchased the product believing that it was suitable for children, can return the product to Fremantle Water Beads to receive a full refund.

For further information, call Fremantle Waterbeads on 0411 864 041.

Traders who sold this product

Perth Royal Show
Fremantle Water Beads (online and Fremantle Markets stall)

Where the product was sold

Western Australia

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Responsible regulator

Department of Commerce (WA) is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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