AMX Australia—Rechargeable Batteries for AMX MVP-5xxx Touch Panels

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Rechargeable Battery for AMX MVP-5100 5.2" Modero® ViewPoint® IR Touch Panel
Rechargeable Battery for AMX MVP-5150 5.2" Modero® ViewPoint® Wi-Fi Touch Panel
Rechargeable Battery for AMX MVP-5200i 5.2" Modero® ViewPoint® Touch Panel with Intercom
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MVP-5100 MVP-5150 MVP-5200i

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What are the defects?

Ongoing testing of the batteries for the 5000 Series Wireless Touch Panels (5100, 5150, 5200i) has revealed that touch panels left discharged for more than 3 to 6 months can potentially experience a “deep-discharge” condition which may result in a swollen battery in a small percentage of units.

What are the hazards?

Recharging a swollen battery, mishandling a swollen battery, or compression of a unit with a charged swollen battery may cause the battery to rupture which has the potential risk for damage or injury.

What should consumers do?

Any 5000 Series Wireless Touch Panel (5100, 5150, 5200i) showing evidence of a swollen battery, either by a bulging of the touch panel enclosure or by exhibiting “haloing” or other distortion in the display, should be immediately returned to AMX for replacement of the unit.

For touch panels not showing evidence of a swollen battery, AMX have made available a firmware upgrade for the 5000 Series (5100, 5150, 5200i) wireless touch panels that notifies the end user if their panel has experienced a condition that might lead to a swollen battery and will advise the end user to discontinue use, stop recharging and immediately return the touch panel for replacement of the battery pack.

As a further precaution, AMX will also replace all the batteries at no cost for the 5000 Series (5100, 5150, 5200i) wireless touch panels not showing signs of swollen battery as covered by this announcement and shipped prior to June 5, 2009

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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