Australian Discount Retail—Citronella Bamboo Torch

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Pack of 2 Citronella Bamboo Torch S/2 72cm. The product was sold in retail outlets trading as 'Go-Lo Discount Variety Stores', 'Makro Warehouse Stores' and 'Crazy Clark's Discount Variety Stores' between 1 August 2007 and 8 October 2007.
Citronella Bamboo Torch

Reasons the product is recalled

The 'Citronella Bamboo Torch S/2 72cm' does not meet safety requirements for candle accessories, as the bamboo may ignite and continue to burn for more than 5 seconds when flame is applied.

What consumers should do

If you have purchased this product return it to any Australian Discount Retail (Trading) Pty Ltd stores for a full refund. Further information is available from the National Support Office on toll free 1800 254 687, fax 02 8898 7584 or email:


Australian Discount Retail (Trading) Pty Ltd

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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