BP—Vanellus Diesel Engine Oil

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Product description

Purchased In May Or June 1999. Vanellus C3 Multigrade - Batch M9d588, M9e597; C6 Global Plus - M9e584, M9f671; C6 Global - M9e597; C4 Global - M9e656, M9e583; C3 Mono 10w - M9e595; C3 Mono 30 - M9e604; C3 Mono 40 - M9e65f4; C3 Mono 50 - M9f664, M9e592
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What are the defects?

May Have An Unusual Or Unpleasant Odour And If Exposure Is Prolonged, Headaches Or Mild Feeling Of Nausea Could Develop. Prolonged Exposure When Heated Should Be Avoided By Very Young, The Very Old And Those With Existing Respiratory Problems.

What are the hazards?

Adverse Reaction

What should consumers do?

Purchasers Of Any Of These Products Are Advised To Contact The BP Lubricants And Fuels Technical Helpline On Phone Freecall 1800 033 558 For Advice Regarding The Recall, Immediate Draining And Replacement Of Affected Products.


BP Australia Limited

Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.