Carrier Corporation — Carrier Ductless Hi-Wall and Cassette Split Heater/Air Conditioner

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11 models of Carrier-branded ductless hi-wall and cassette split heater/air-conditioners

The outdoor condensing units of these heaters/air conditioners are mounted to the exterior of the premises cooled and heated by the unit, and in some cases mounted directly onto the premises

Model Numbers and capacity details:
38SHV052P1 (5.0kW cool & 5.7kW heat)
38TSV067P1 (6.7kW cool & 8.0kW heat)
38QHF080 (8.0kW cool & 9.0kW heat)
38SHV071P1 (7.1kW cool & 8.4kW heat)
38SHV087P1 (8.7kW cool & 8.9kW heat)
38SHV105P1 (10.5kW cool & 11.2kW heat)
38TSV080P1 (7.6kW cool & 9.2kW heat)
38TSV110P1 (10.5kW cool & 12.3kW heat)
38TSV130P1 (12.5kW cool & 13.0kW heat)
38SHV135P1 (13.5kW cool & 16.0kW heat)
38SHV165P1 (16.5kW cool & 17.0kW heat)
Photograph of Carrier heater air conditioner 38SHV135P1 13.5kW cool & 16kW heat, 38SHV165P1 65.5kW cool & 17kW heat, 38TSV110P1 10.5kW cool & 12.3 kW heat, 38TSV130P1 12.5kW cool & 13.0kW heat
Carrier heater air conditioner Carrier heater air conditioner 38SHV105P1 10.5kW cool & 11.2 kW heat, 38TSV080P1 7.6kW cool & 9.2kW heat
Photograph of Carrier heater air conditioner 38TSV067P1 6.7kW cool & 8kW heat, 38QHF080 8.0kW cool & 9.0kW heat, 38SHV071P1 7.1kW cool & 8.4kW heat; 38SHV087P1 8.7kW cool & 8.9kW heat
Photograph of Carrier heater air conditioner 38SHV052P1 5kW cool & 5.7kW heat
Photograph of Carrier air conditioner heater compliance plate showing location of model and serial number
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See Product Description for model numbers and heating and cooling capacities of affected units

Reasons the product is recalled

The fan motor in the outdoor condensing unit may fail.

The hazards to consumers

If the fan motor in the outdoor condensing unit fails, a fire could result, which could cause property damage and/or personal injury.

What consumers should do

Consumers should stop using the units until a repair has been carried out.

Carrier, through its Australian distributor AHIC (Australia) Pty Ltd and local agents, will contact affected consumers and make arrangements to visit the consumer’s home and repair the unit. Owners of affected units may also contact AHIC (Australia) Pty Ltd directly using the contact details below to arrange for the repairs to be carried out.

For further information, phone 1800 959 554, email or visit

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Energy Safe (VIC) is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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