Cascade Design Inc — MSR camping cooking pot (updated)

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Recall updated - 17 May 2024 - added information that injuries have occurred. 

Anodized aluminium pot available in various capacities: 1 litre, 1.3 litres, 1.7 litres, 2 litres with the MSR logo, visible on the side of the pots.
Sold individually or as part of the below sets:
• Trail Lite cook sets.
• Pocket Rocket® cook kit.
• with some Reactor stove systems.

photograph of 13234 - MSR Trail Lite 1.3 litre pot
photograph of 13235 - MSR Trail Lite 2 litre pot
photograph of 11205 - MSR Reactor - 1.7 litre stove system
10373 - MSR Trail Lite Solo Cook Set - stacked
photograph of 06901 - MSR Reactor - 1.7 litre pot
photograph of 06900 - MSR Reactor - 1 litre pot
photograph of 06898 - MSR Reactor - 1 litre stove system
photograph of 06897 - MSR Trail Lite Duo cook set - stacked
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40818095676 40818068984 40818112052 40818069004 40818069011 40818132340 40818132357 40818068977 40818103739

Reasons the product is recalled

The pot handle can detach or become loose, which may cause the content of the pots to spill or fall out when used.

The hazards to consumers

There is a risk of burns or scalds from hot food and liquids.

Burn injuries have occurred as a result of this hazard.

What consumers should do

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled MSR camping cooking pot.

Consumers should visit the Spelean Pty Ltd website to arrange a free replacement pot handle/lifter or a refund. The replacement pot handle/lifter does not require tools for installation.

For more information contact the Australian distributor on or by phone on 02 9966 9800.

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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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