Celmec — Heatray IRH-G 118 Overhead Radiant Heater

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Radiant heater designed to provide heating to highly ventilated indoor and outdoor areas. 

photograph of Heatray IRH-G 118 Overhead Radiant Heater
photograph of Heatray IRH-G 118 Overhead Radiant Heater - serial number location

Reasons the product is recalled

A burner tile retention bracket may deteriorate after several years of use allowing the burner tile to move and compromise the efficiency of combustion of the appliance. Appliances installed indoors, may no longer be safe for use. Outdoor appliances are not considered unsafe.

The hazards to consumers

Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the affected heaters are continued to be used indoors, which could result in serious illness, injury, or death.

What consumers should do

If your heater is an affected one, you should stop using the heater immediately and if possible turn off the gas supply and disconnect the appliance from a power-point.
Note the Serial Number of the unit and contact Celmec International to verify if you have an affected heater and to arrange for a qualified technician to inspect and repair the heater on site. The serial number is located inside the rear panel on the left-hand side.

For more information, please contact Celmec on 03 8552 8200 between 8.30am-4.30pm (Mon-Fri).


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Energy Safe (VIC) is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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