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Table Top Candle Holder (15x15xH30) APN 93008031400820. Table Top Candle Holder (10x10xH18) APN 93008031400837. Set of 4 Orange Hanging Lanterns APN 9300800727130. 4 Set Lime Hanging Lanterns APN 9300800727147. 4 Set Pink Hanging Lanterns APN 9300800727154. 4 Set Purple Hanging Lanterns APN 9300800727161. 4 Set White Hanging Lanterns APN 9300800727178. 4 Set Assorted Hanging Lanterns APN 930080072718. 4 Set Assorted Butterfly Hanging Lanterns APN 9300800727192. 12 Set Assorted Butterfly Hanging Tea Light Lanterns APN 9300800727208. 12 Set Assorted Hanging Tea Light Lanterns APN 9300800727215. Assorted Butterfly Wax Filled Pots APN 9300800727222. Assorted Colour Wax Filled Pots APN 9300800727239. Pack Faux Suede Candles APN 9300803080814. The candleholders were sold at Kmart stores during September 2007.
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The material used to produce these items may not self-extinguish if ignited.

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Customers should cease using these items immediately and return the product to any Kmart store for a full refund. Customers requiring further information should call 1800 124 125.


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Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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