Daikin Australia Pty Limited — Indoor fan deck unit supplied as part of certain Daikin ducted air conditioning systems.

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Product description

This product is an indoor component of an air conditioning system.
The indoor fan deck is installed in the roof cavity of a house or in the bulkhead cavity of apartments and provides conditioned air to the premises.

See attached list for affected model numbers.

photograph showing unit and location of printed circuit board in FDYQ, FDYQN and FXMQ models
photograph showing location of printed circuit board in FDYQ, FDYQN and FXMQ
photograph of FXDQ unit showing location of printed circuit board
photograph showing location of printed circuit board in FXDQ models
Identifying features

Electrical approval number

E2018017396R, E2020030635, E2018017163R, E2018017330, E2021036037

Reasons the product is recalled

The wiring harness in these products has been reversed and assembled incorrectly.

The hazards to consumers

There is a risk of serious injury or death from electric shock to technicians working on live equipment.

What consumers should do

No action is required by consumers, unless the unit requires servicing. If the unit requires servicing, consumers should contact Daikin.

To find out if you own an affected unit and if it is safe to do so you can check the rating plate on your outdoor unit. You will find 2 model numbers and a serial number. The first model number is the outdoor model and the second model number (underneath) beginning with an F, is the indoor model number. If the model number appears on the model number list , then you have an affected product.
Please contact Daikin for assistance using the webform: https://www.daikin.com.au/wire-harness-issue.

If you are unable to locate either of these model numbers or do not have access to the outdoor unit, please contact the Customer Service Information line on 1300 362 438 Mon-Fri (8.00AM – 5.30PM AEST) and one of our Customer Service Representatives will assist you.

For more information Please contact the Daikin Customer Service Information line on 1300 362 438 (Monday to Friday, 8:00am–5:30pm AEST) or via the webform: https://www.daikin.com.au/wire-harness-issue.

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Dealers and distributors of Daikin products. 

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Office of Fair Trading (NSW) - ERAC is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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