Design by Stitches—Yo-Yo Waterball

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Product description

A soft rubber ball filled with liquid which has a strap made of the same rubber material which extends and retracts just like a yo-yo
Identifying features
There are no identifying features on the yo-yo waterball.

Other identifying numbers

There are no identifying features on the yo-yo waterball.

Reasons the product is recalled

The product is subject to a permanent ban on Yo-Yo Water Balls and similar products. The product has an elastic cord capable of extending to 500mm in length.

The hazards to consumers

The cord can stretch to over one metre in length and may wind around a child’s neck, especially if swung around the head, and cause choking. The highly elastic and ‘sticky’ nature of the cord can constrict breathing if wound tightly.

What consumers should do

Cease using the product immediately. Return the product to Design by Stitches for a full refund. The cord can be cut-off the waterball in order to make the product safe.


Design by Stitches

Traders who sold this product

Design by Stitches - sold in shopping centres across Western Australia.

Where the product was sold

Western Australia

Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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