Electrolux Home Products—Chef Gas Single Door Wall or Underbench Ovens

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Model Numbers: GOCE670BS-N&P, GOCE670S-N&P, GOCE670SA-N&P, GOCE670TN-N&P, GOCE670TR-N&P, GOCE670W-N&P, GOS610S-N&P, GOS610W-NYP, GOS630K-N&P, GOS630S-N&P, GOS630W-N&P. Serial numbers: 03170025 to 13470018. Available for sale between July 2000 and August.

Reasons the product is recalled

There is a risk of heat damage to internal components of the oven, which could result in charring of the components and possibly the surrounds and a risk of the oven igniting.

The hazards to consumers


What consumers should do

Call Toll Free 1800 001 218 to arrange for a service technician to visit and make some simple modifications in situ without cost to the customer.


Electrolux Home Products Pty Limited

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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