Escea Ltd — Gas Fireplace Models DF700 and DF960

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Gas fireplaces
Models DF700 and DF960
Photograph of Escea Fireplace DF700
Photograph of Escea Fireplace DF960
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Reasons the product is recalled

The air ramp redistributes some of the air flow through cut outs in the frame of the fireplace.

The hazards to consumers

The redistribution of heat can cause hot spots and a stain or discolouration on framing materials. This may result in slow combustion of surrounding materials and possible future fire. This increases the risk of serious injury or even death to users.

What consumers should do

Consumers are requested to do the following:
1) If you purchased a fireplace between 23 January 2020 and 31st August 2020, please contact Escea to check your serial number to see if you have an affected fireplace. The serial number can easily be found by looking under the batteries in the remote control.
2) If your fireplace is one of the affected fires, stop using the fireplace until Escea has arranged a technician to repair the fireplace.

For further information, contact Escea Australia Pty Ltd on 1800 460 832.


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Energy Safe (VIC) is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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